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"The greatest resource of any organization is it's people.  Give them a chance to survive when the unthinkable happens"

- Chad Sheehan

Chad Sheehan


Chad is a 23 year veteran of Law Enforcement.  In August 2016 he retired from the Sioux City, IA police department to devote his full time to the S.A.V.E. Yourself program. At the time of his retirement he was assigned to patrol, the hostage negotiation unit, field training officer, Honor Guard member and Critical Incident Stress Management team. He developed the "S.A.V.E. Yourself" program and is a certified instructor in Rapid Response to active shooter, Conflict Resolution, Tactical Communication and DARE. Chad was also previously assigned as the police department's school resource officer at a Sioux City high school with over 1,200 students and 200 staff members. 

With young children at home Chad has made surviving workplace/school violence/active killer a top priority in both his professional and personal life.  "S.A.V.E. Yourself" has been taught to more than 100,000 people from 24 states. Chad has also provided training in crime prevention topics to hundreds of businesses and schools while educating thousands throughout his career.

Sheehan Strategic Solutions, LLC will use Chad's expertise to provide training/consulting to civilians in the area of surviving violence with an emphasis on surviving the threat posed by workplace/school violence and today's active killer.

Training will focus on prevention, recognition and a proactive response. Emphasis will be placed on the proactive response to violence.

"S.A.V.E. Yourself" is based on Dept. of Homeland Security's recommendations for responding to a mass casualty incident; Run, Hide, Fight.