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Curran P. Nichols


 Curran has 23 years of private and public service experience in organizational and project management. He is a proven instructor with extensive experience conducting technical, leadership, and conflict management training. As a trained mediator and facilitator, Curran is recognized as a leader of leveraging collaborative, interest based processes to develop sustainable and effective organizational solutions for a wide variety of disciplines.

Curran develops and implements effective organizational assessment tools, utilizing surveys and focus groups to capture accurate and actionable qualitative and quantitative organizational data. He has a unique ability to leverage data collection, gap analysis, action planning processes, and strategic plan development to help organizations develop long, mid and short term plans and goals. Curran is a recognized leader in utilizing project appropriate processes to help organizations address specific issues and needs.  He is also an organizational leader in the development and implementation of effective conflict management systems.

Curran has extensive and specialized training and experience in the development and implantation of a wide range of security protocols. He is a recognized expert in applying real time behavioral assessment into actionable threat mitigation. Curran has over ten years experience in leveraging dimensions of organizational health into measurable improvements of organizational security posture.

 Curran brings a unique perspective and ability to leverage effective and proven practices in security design, conflict management, leadership and organizational development to improve organizational mission effectiveness. For Curran, helping organizations be more effective for their employees, customers, and stake holders is time and effort well spent.  Going one step further, he strongly believes that being able to directly tie specific actions to measurable organizational results is time and resources wisely spent.